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Title: Palace of the Silver Princess
By: Tom Moldvay and Jean Wells

Number: B3
Level: 1-3
Pages: 32
Copyrighted: 1981
Cover Price: $5.50

Part Number: 093-M-9044-B [ See below ]
Product Code: 394-51837-3TSR0550 [ See below ]
ISBN: 0-935696-31-8 [ Back cover, lower left ]
Logo: Wizard face
Dimensions: See below


1st Printing: Orange cover, it was recalled for certain contraversial illustrations. You can download the module (2.26Mb PDF) from Wizards of the Coast.
2nd Printing: 8 1/2" x 10 3/4". ISBN is located on the back cover, lower left. No part number or product code.
3rd Printing:
4th Printing: 8 3/8" x 10 3/4". Front cover, the text inside the angled banner is shifted closer to the bottom of the banner (left edge of the cover). ISBN, part number and product code are located on the back cover, lower left.


Back Cover Synopsis: (2nd Printing)

This item is only one of the many popular playing aids for DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® Fantasy Adventure Game produced by
TSR Hobbies, Inc.  Other playing aids currently available for use with the D&D game system currently include

  DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Basic Set (contains everything DMs and players need to get started, explaining character creation,
  spells and dungeon levels 1-3)

  DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Expert Set (design to be used with the Basic Set, the Expert Set covers higher-level characters, 
  deeper dungeon levels and adventure in the wilderness areas)

  Dungeon Module B1 (In Search of the Unknown)
  Dungeon Module B2 (The Keep on the Borderlands)

  Dungeon Module X1 (The Isle of Dread)
  Dungeon Module X2 (Castle Amber - Chateau d' Amberville)

  Monster and Treasure Assortment, Set One to Three: Levels One through Nine (make the job of stocking dungeon levels easy)
  Dungeon Geomorphs (allows the DM to create thousands of different dungeon levels by arranging them in differnet
  D&D® Players Character Record Sheets (allows players to record all important information about their characters in an easy-to-use 

Other releases of additional items relating to D&D® Adventure Games are planned for the future. TSR Hobbies, Inc., publishes a
complete line of games, playing aids, and gaming accessories available from better hobby, game and department stores nationwide.

Adventure Plot:


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